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The Fight Vault is an online resource for the Muay Thai Fight Comunity. My aim has been to bring exposure and recognition to upcoming names within the Fight Community across Australia, NZ & surrounding countries throughout the Oceania Region. I noticed a gap in the Media, where Muay Thai is concerned. The Fight Vault is full of interviews, features and articles based on the journeys of this sport's Pioneers, Rising Star's and Passionate Practitioners.

These are the stories of Forerunners, Legends and Champions.

A Feature of Fighters, Gyms & Promotors throughout the Oceania region. These are their stories.

The Story behind the name..

  For the past 26 years, Blair Smith has been actively involved in the Australian Muay Thai scene whilst putting forward some of WA’s leading Professional fighters. 

Blair opened his Perth based gym ‘The Pit’ (now also known as Synergy Martial Arts) in 1998, after retiring from his own fight career. Coming from Jeff Devine’s gym (Saktienchia) to then forming his own ruthless fight team, Blair has well established himself as one of WA’s most successful fight coaches.
(Above: The Good Ol' Days when The Pit ran in the backyard)

The Pit was originally a Fighters-Only gym. Located in Perth’s South, the gym has an unquestionable reputation for putting forward tough, durable fighters. 3 years ago, the gym extended it’s reach to the locals by opening its doors, offering classes that catered for all levels of fitness.

At that time, the name Synergy Martial Arts was formed, however the fight team remained under the Pit’s banner. The name itself ‘The Pit’ was formed by Blair, based on his appreciation for Pitbull dogs.

“I’ve always been a fan of Pitbull’s and their ‘never give up’ attitude. I try to instil that trait into my fighters, mentally and physically; hence the slogan, The Pit – Never Quit.” Blair explains.

To this day The Pit crew still maintain their never give up attitude as they continue to compete throughout the Australian Muay Thai circuit. 

Above: 1997 Saktienchia Gym

Above: Homegrown Champions - The Pit Never Quit