Shanice J. Desilva

My name is Shanice Desilva, I am a Writer/Journalist (check out from Perth, Western Australia. Whilst I spend most of my days either training in the gym (Muay Thai), or writing articles and features for The Fight Vault, there are occasions where I simply want to spill my personal thoughts and emotions... this is the space where I will do just that. I've blogged on/off for the past 7 years, it has in many ways become my online journal. It's refreshing, terrifying and liberating all at the same time, releasing blogs posts that unravel the most intimate thoughts of my mind and soul.

Nonetheless, it was blogging that birthed everything else I am doing today, so in an effort to stay true to myself, here is my blog. I hope you're encouraged, inspired and that somehow, you would find a home in my words. I'm honest, raw and intensely passionate at times, but above all - I am, myself. -SJ.D

'Intention evokes perception..' -SJ.D See With Your Soul